About us

Risma Systems was founded in 2014 by Lars Nybro Munksgaard and has since grown into a successful company, which develops and markets online tools that ensures that our customers can make better management decisions due to improved knowledge sharing in their organisation.

The RISMAbusiness suite

There are three applications in RISMAbusiness: RISMAexecution, RISMAcontrols and RISMArisk. The RISMA suite has been developed, in collaboration with market leaders, in order to ensure that every aspect of the solutions facilitates current best-practice. We have developed the Risma suite because we know that a simple solution can be a very complex thing indeed. Creating solutions, intuitive in daily use and yet powerful enough to accommodate the needs and challenges of a modern organisation, is something that requires multiple iterations and constant communication with customers.

RISMAexecution was developed in collaboration with Axcel and their team responsible for reviewing strategic initiatives in the companies in their portfolio. This product ensures close collaboration within an organisation and that the organisations reach their goals. RISMAexecution is now used for a number of other purposes than strategy implementation.

RISMAcontrols was developed in collaboration with one of The Big Four global audit companies and is a solution that helps organisations to respond to and document recurring tasks. This would, for instance, include internal controls and monthly book closing procedures.

RISMArisk was created in collaboration with the department in Novozymes responsible for the risk management of the company. The solution helps companies to deal with the risks associated with the environment they work within. These risks, the organisation lists, can be found on a strategic, tactical and operational level and have activities associated with them that ensure that these risks are mitigated.

– we are dedicated to your excellence

We are dedicated to your excellence and we know that up-to-date accessible information plays a key role to success in today’s ever-changing business environment, but that it is often hard to come by. Gathering data in complex organisations can take so much time, that the data is outdated even before it is presented. We have all felt the impact of decisions based on insufficient data and we have seen valuable time spent, and too often wasted, on gathering data in homemade tools. Once the data is gathered, it is frequently not made available to all relevant parties, or it simply drowns in the growing number of plans, goals, projects, charts and strategies that flood our work life. Without current data, we are sailing a ship without a map. This is why online collaboration tools are a solution many organisations look for these days.