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This is RISMAbusiness:


RISMAexecution is primarily used for one or more of the following three purposes: implementation of strategy, portfolio management of projects and risk mitigation plans. The system allows the user to document any project – with an unlimited number of sub-projects in an unlimited number of layers of sub-sub-projects– in the system.

A clear focus on the progress

The users can then track the progress in each of the tasks with the help of a traffic light system. Access to information can be tailored for each user (as is also the case in the other modules). Projects and sub projects can be easily linked to the risks in RISMArisk and the controls in RISMAcontrols.


RISMAcontrols is primarily used by financial departments to structure and document internal controls and improve the reconciliation processes. The purpose is most often to save time and improve documentation, but a side effect will also be lower cost on auditing.

Full real-time overview

The tool can, however, be used for any type of periodically recurring tasks, e.g. quality control and HR-related tasks. The tool provides the stakeholders with full overview of the status related to recurring tasks. The recurring tasks can be linked to the risks in RISMArisk and to the strategic initiatives and projects in RISMAexecution.


RISMArisk can be used by all organisations and by all stakeholders – including Risk Manager, Risk Owners and Senior Management representatives. The easy-to-use tool provides significant time savings for Risk Managers, and ensures that the Board and Senior Management are provided with consistent reporting based on the real time data in the system.

An integrated approach

It is possible to link risks to the related internal controls in RISMAcontrols and the mitigation plans created in RISMAexecution. This provides Risk Manager and Senior Management with a complete overview of the risk mitigation efforts for each risk.



The Dashboard

Real-time data

Monitor dependent tasks and deadlines

Gantt Chart of all tasks



The Dashboard

Quick status overview

Monitor all types of controls

Easy Reporting



The Dashboard

View all corporate risks

Track risk movements

View status on each risk

How we help…


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Implement strategies successfully

Our intuitive and accessible applications facilitates alignment between the overall corporate strategies and the day-to-day operations of your organisation. This is achieved through making the strategy concrete and actionable, translating it to tasks which can be easily monitored and followed up upon.

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Optimise your project portfolio management

RISMAbusiness enables management to maintain a detailed overview of all the projects within the organisation. All employees have access to their own tasks and keep them updated. This creates transparency and a simple traffic light system makes it easy to keep teams and departments accountable.

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Minimise loss caused by corporate risks

Assess probabilities and financial impact of risks to predict the severity. The visual risk matrix gives a clear overview to management and board of directors and provide them with the tools to actively mitigate the various corporate risks.

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Execute internal controls

Quality assurance? Financial controls? Recurrent tasks? Monthly? Daily? Weekly? Any kind of internal control can be set up and monitored by the relevant levels of management. Teams can easily carry out and document the controlling procedures thus ensuring best practise.

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Implement GDPR compliance

All organisations operating within the EU are required to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will enter into force on 25 may 2018. RISMAsimpleGDPR is a plug & play solution developed by RISMA and Plesner Law Firm which aims to help your organisation to meet the requirements of the upcoming GDPR even if you are not experts in the requirements of the regulation.

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Keep all processes connected

Strategic initiatives, internal controls and risks can all be interlinked, managed and monitored within the RISMAbusiness suite. This facilitates an unprecedented level of transparency regarding the core functions of the organisation.

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