- Anti Money Laundering

Efficient protection against money laundering

Systemize the anti-money laundering effort and comply with the law. RISMA's IT tool aids you in systemizing and documenting your anti-money laundering work to the board or the authorities. The IT tool is developed in cooperation with Plesner Law Firm so you can be certain that you are compliant as long as you follow the directions given in the IT tool. And this is the same for everyone regardless whether you are a bank, a law firm, or an auditing firm.

An efficient run-through finds your sore spots

RISMAaml (Anti Money Laundering) is a tool which organizes and documents your company's existing regulations, procedures and responsibilities in the area of money laundering. This process will result in a gap-analysis which uncovers the lack of compliance and necessary focus areas. The RISMAaml tool supplies the foundation for getting to the bottom of a very complex legislation in an efficient and time saving manner.

Get a far better overview independently

The anti-money laundering regulation is a complex set of rules which can be difficult to comply with in a consistent manner. This is why it takes a controlled and goal-oriented effort to master full compliance.For instance you need to define and communicate rules, areas of responsibility and control procedures to the organization.

IT solutions based on legal expertise

RISMAaml is developed in close cooperation with aml specialists in Danish legal company Plesner.

Get an overview over the necessary effort

The core of RISMAaml is an adaptive questionnaire which maps out all notable elements of your company´s dealing with the anti-money laundering regulation. The result will be a gap-analysis which uncovers threats and focus areas for further treatment. RISMAaml ensures that you get to the bottom of the question and have documentation and timeline ready for the further process.

RISMAaml is targeted towards companies operating in Denmark. But since Danish legislation – as many other EU countries legislation – is based on the EEC anti-money laundering regulation, the tool will also be able to point out whether subsidiaries based abroad are in compliance with their national legislation or not.

Collate all your GRC efforts in the same IT system

All of RISMAs modules are compatible with each other, making it possible to collate all your GRC efforts in the same IT tool. In this way you can ensure compliance in all vital areas. For instance you can vaccinate your organisation against corruption by applying the RISMAabc (anti-bribery and corruption) tool. Read more about the solution here: RISMAabc – Anti-Bribery and Corruption


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