RISMA’s solution for workplace assessments

Simple management of workplace assessments

RISMA’s solution for workplace assessments is an intuitive digital GRC tool that helps organisations to achieve full compliance with the The Danish Working Environment Act.* The solution’s structured and simple approach to the workplace assessment process, makes it easier to implement and use for the end-user.

Identify issues at the workplace

By mapping the organisation’s processes, RISMAapv facilitates the opportunity to identify work environment issues that need to be improved or does not live up to the regulation. First, you go through a questionnaire that is specially made for the organisation’s type of industry. This makes the basis for a gap-overview with necessary areas that need looking into. In this way, you get the opportunity to make an action plan that matches your needs and the work environment, as well as its shortcomings.

Make decisions based on updated data

RISMAapv guides you easily and logically through the entire compliance process so you continuously have an overview and successfully finish your workplace assessment. You become more self-reliant and can thereby reduce your expenses. The solution structures the organisation’s data and ensures that you always make decisions based on updated data. You thereby minimize the risk of getting fines and you can, with peace of mind, document to the Danish Working Environment Authority that your workplace lives up to the applicable legal requirements.

*The workplace assessment and hence Risma’s solution for it, RISMAapv, is only applicable for companies situated in Denmark.


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