With the IT tool RISMAcompliance, compliance processes become
more transparent and you can ensure that you comply with the law.

Comply with the law and industry-specific rulesets

Better management with just one click

RISMAcompliance is an online management tool which supports you in gaining full integration of governance and compliance procedures in your organisation. The compliance processes become transparent and ensure legal compliance. 

Several compliance solutions in one system

Once you have RISMAcompliance, you can add more modules. The modules enable you to ensure compliance in such vital areas as GDPR, ISO 27001, anti-money laundering and anti-bribery.

Structured processes

RISMAcompliance easily and logically guides you through the compliance processes and allows you to add your own internal procedures and frameworks for documenting compliance in relation to your organisation’s internal policies. 

The knowledge module aids in compiling data

The knowledge module in RISMAcompliance helps your organisation by compiling relevant data which then becomes the foundation for your compliance efforts. In the knowledge module, you are guided through a mapping and interview process which eventually leads to a GAP analysis.

Three basis modules for creating transparency

Regardless of which solution you have, RISMAcompliance always consists of the three basis modules RISMAexecution, RISMAcontrols and RISMArisk. These basis modules can help you mitigate gaps and ensure that a governance structure is built and maintained in your organisation.  

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