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RISMAip@Launch - register and protect your IP

Make your intellectual property a competitive advantage

With RISMAip@launch, you can easily match your organisation’s intellectual property with your products and services. It becomes possible to use your IP assets proactively and get competitive advantages in the form of minimised risk and greater scope of action.

Compiled in collaboration with AWA

RISMA developed the solution in collaboration with AWA, the leading consulting firm in the field of patents and intellectual property

Connect IP with your product throughout the entire development process

With RISMAip@launch, you can easily connect IP to your products and services throughout the entire development process. For instance, it will be easy for you to document, in details, how and for how long you have made use of specific IP elements in your product portfolio. You can also easily keep track of the usage of IP in the collaboration with partners and other third-party companies.

Put your trade secrets into a system

The solution is ideal for working systematically with trade secrets and business critical information of any kind. You will also be able to map the use and spreading of specific patents or technologies of external origin in your own products and services.

Make IP a competitive parameter

Ip@launch enables the development manager or legal responsible to maintain a record of all usage of the company’s IP. Thus, the executive management and board can always keep up to date on the use and value of the company’s IP – or make action plans for instance aiming at independency from vendors that manufacture critical components.

With RISMAip@launch, you are able to work systematically with your catalogue patents, trademarks, trade secrets and copy rights in connection to product launches.

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