- Occupational Health & Safety

Simple occupational health and safety management with an IT tool

RISMAohs is a simple online GRC tool that supports organisations through all steps towards full ISO 45001 compliance - Occupational Health & Safety (OHS). The solution is based on a process-oriented mindset and a risk-based approach which makes it incredibly user-friendly for the end user in daily life. RISMAohs, which is a cloud solution, is quick to implement and requires no integration with your infrastructure.

Analyse gaps between your efforts and the ISO 45001 standard

The solution’s structured approach to the compliance process makes it easy to build up a project plan for your OHS efforts where it will get easier to map your processes and define those responsible for maintaining your work environment. You go through the requirements of the ISO 45001 standard and thereby identify gaps between these and your work. In this way, you can accommodate the work environment issues and ensure that you get all the way around it.

Get full insight with constant updated data

RISMAohs puts data management into system and you get insights based on constant updated data which provides the most optimal basis for continuously keeping your Occupational Health & Safety level up to date. The solution helps you with managing risk assessments, procedures, policies and knowledge which is a requirement of the ISO 45001 standard. In this way, you can improve your employee safety, reduce risks and accidents as well as create better work conditions.


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