Discover how our GRC tools can strengthen your organization


In RISMA’s Governance module, you ensure that the management team is always in possession of relevant information, so they can continuously make decisions from an informed and updated basis.

 Manage action plans and controls in an easy and intuitive manner and delegate both ongoing and onetime tasks throughout the organisation. This gives you the best follow-up on tasks. The tool is divided in modules so that you can go from simple task management to overall project management.


Gather all your action plans in one place with RISMAactions

With the RISMAactions IT tool, you can ensure that focus remains on tasks and goals during projects.



Strengthen your reconciliation processes and document internal controls with RISMAcontrols

The RISMAcontrols IT tool provides a full overview of recurring tasks and internal controls.

Risk Management

With RISMA’s risk management module, you ensure that your organisation identifies, monitors and handles risks in an efficient and structured manner. Work with a simple risk catalogue or advanced Enterprise Risk Management, no matter what need you may have, and where you are on your risk management journey.


Manage risk and mitigation activities with RISMArisk

The RISMA Risk IT tool enables you to identify, monitor and manage risks effectively.



RISMAcompliance helps your organisation make the compliance process transparent and ensures that you can live up to the requirements of the legislation in several areas with the help of our many compliance modules.

 Every module is created in cooperation with leading knowledge partners which ensures that you always have the newest legislation to relate to. Identify potential within the specific compliance area and by the help of the Governance and Risk modules, your journey towards becoming and staying compliant is managed.


Become and remain compliant with RISMAcompliance

With the IT tool RISMAcompliance, compliance processes become more transparent and you can thus ensure that you comply with the law.



RISMAgdpr – personal data regulation – Legislation and IT in one tool

RISMAgdpr is a user-friendly IT tool that creates structure in your work with the personal data regulation.


Comply with ISO 27001 requirements – Information Security Management System

Increase your data security with RISMA’s tool for ISO 27001. Our solution is called RISMAisms.


Keep track of Intellectual Property (IP) with RISMAip@launch

With RISMA's digital solution for IP or Intellectual Property, you can systemize your patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property. 


Keep an overview and systemize your anticorruption effort with RISMAabc

With RISMA abc you can organize your organisations anti-corruption efforts to give you safety and efficiency, as well as save time, minimize risks and cut costs.    


Become compliant with the anti-money laundering directive with RISMAaml

With RISMAaml you can organise and test your anti-money laundering efforts to attain full, documented compliance with the anti-money laundering directive. 


Fulfil the ISO 9001 requirements

Do you want to work with Quality Management? And must your company live up to the requirements of ISO 9001, so you can ensure quality products and services? 


Fulfil the ISO 45001 requirements

RISMAohs is a simple online GRC tool that supports organisations through all steps towards full ISO 45001 compliance - Occupational Health & Safety (OHS).


Simple management of workplace assessments

RISMA’s solution for workplace assessments is an intuitive digital GRC tool that helps organisations to achieve full compliance with the The Danish Working Environment Act.


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