ISO 27001: Fulfill the requirements – simply and systematically

Map informations assets

Cover and manage risks

Built up ISMS and delegate responsibilities

Keep an overview 

RISMAisms puts the data management into a system so your organisation gets a complete overview of information assets, ongoing risk evaluations, required Annex A controls, Statement of Applicability (SoA), internal audits and ongoing improvement activities.

A user-friendly tool

RISMAisms only requires little training of the end user to get started. Therefore, the solution is easy to implement which in itself strengthens your information security, quality and credibility of the data which is the reason for the ongoing reporting, analysis and overview

Quick implementation 

The solution is cloud-based and quick to implement. It requires no integration with your infrastructure. RISMAisms also works well together with RISMA’s other integrated compliance solutions, including RISMAgdpr.     

Make your information security as a matter of course 

With RISMAisms, you get a user-friendly tool that guides your organisation through all the steps towards full ISO 27001 complianceYou get insights based on constantly updated data, which also provides the optimal basis for continuously keeping your information security system (ISMS) up to date.  


Define and involve those responsible 

With RISMAisms, you define and involve those responsible for activities related to the maintenance of the information security, fx through e-mail notifications of upcoming completions of controls and risk evaluation and notifications to those responsible for correction or improvement of vital areas of your ISMS. Status of tasks are always available and up to date when you need to do analysing and reporting. Furthermore, RISMAisms has a questionnaire included.  

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