RISMAbusiness caters for your organisation´s needs at your terms

Add the applications you need, when you need them.

Some of our customers choose to use the full RISMAbusiness suite from the outset. Many of our customers chooses, however, to implement our software suite gradually – knowing that RISMAbusiness will cover their needs when it makes sense for them to move forward with new applications.


helps organisations reach their strategic goals.

By enabling a clear link between overall goals, key activitites and day-to-day operations, our application ensures alignment on all levels of the organisations.



helps organisations achieve an effective control environment.

From creating timely and accurate financial statements to optimising all book closing procedures, our application supports all recurrent tasks that can easily be monitored and followed up upon.



helps organisations optimise every aspect of their risk management process.

From identifying and analyzing risks, to tracking risk development and drawing comprehensive reports, our application is designed to make the entire risk management proces cheaper, faster and more effective.


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