– risk management made easy

RISMArisk streamlines your risk management saving time and money

RISMArisk gives a complete overview of all risks that are a threat to your organisation and documents how they have developed over time. This ensures the management of the knowledge platform which is necessary to mitigate them.

RISMArisk is part of the RISMAbusiness product suite. With the entire RISMAbusiness package, you can, in addition to the risk management, manage the initiatives and internal controls that are there to mitigate the risks. The solution is also used for strategy implementation, project management and internal control routines – all put together in one integrated solution where all parts interact. RISMArisk can also be acquired separately.


RISMArisk gives you:

  • Significant time savings in daily life
  • A larger buy-in from the organisation
  • A professional look of management reporting
  • Structured documentation

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